Dock Bumpers & Corners

Protect Your Boat and Dock

Northwest Marine Supply stocks a wide variety of dock bumpers and corners.

– Commercial Grade Dock and Boat Protection System in 7 different profiles
– Half-round bumpers that can be mounted vertically or horizontally
– Dock Corners that are designed to be used without Dock and Boat Protection System

– They and are unaffected by water, salt, oil, gasoline, and marine boring creatures. 

Commercial Grade Dock and Boat Protection System
  • Extra rugged design to withstand heavy impact.
  • Will not crack, rot, or deteriorate when exposed to temperature extremes.
  • Unaffected by oil, gas, or saltwater.
  • UV inhibitor prevents yellowing and discoloring from sunlight.
  • Fungus resistant.

Seven Commercial Profiles Available. Comes in 10-foot lengths, boxed and crated, in black or white. EdgePro® Dock Edging is made from durable marine-grade, flexible PVC. It will not crack, rot or deteriorate when exposed to temperature extremes and is resistant to oil, gas, and saltwater. The UV inhibitors prevent yellowing and deterioration from sunlight. EdgePro®'s extra rugged design withstands heavy impact.

We apologize for being unable to provide the option of purchasing the dock bumper online. Actual delivered prices per order can vary significantly depending on your location, the location of our warehouses in relation to you, and the actual shipping costs in today's fluctuating fuel market.

Dock Bumpers can be attached using our Stainless Ring Shank Nails or Stainless Steel Screws.


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