Abutment & Float Hinge Brackets

The right bracket is critical to making strong connections for your dock—whether from the shore side abutment to the gangway, or from the gangway to your dock.

We offer a variety of heavy duty galvanized steel brackets that provide a straight-forward solution to a strong & seamless connection.

Wet-set one of our abutment brackets into your freshly poured concrete abutment, or install the bracket to an existing abutment using our concrete anchors for a powerful anchoring solution that will keep your dock in place as water levels shift. For gangway style stiff-arm installations, be sure to pair this bracket with our cabling system to reduce excess pressure on your stiff connection.

Looking for a strong & seamless transition from gangway to dock? Our galvanized steel float hinge brackets come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your gangway or ramp.