Dock Bumpers, Corners & Fenders


The nautical term for a bridge that forms the accessible route from shore to dock. Northwest Marine Supply has a variety of gangways for docks to allow you to get to your floating dock. For use with your own existing dock, or one we can install for you. Our gangways are designed to get you out on the water faster


Do You Need a Gangway?

Gangways are necessary anywhere a dock is not easily accessible from shore. Gangways have been used in:

• Marinas – Gangways for marinas ensure boaters and customers can get out to their boats and docks. These solutions let marinas serve their customers more fully.

• Camps – At a camp, gangways are important to help children access docks and the water safely.

• Parks and recreation spaces – Parks and recreation gangways keep park visitors safe and make green spaces and waterways more accessible for users of different mobility  levels.

• Hotels and resorts – Keeping guests safe is a priority in these contexts, which is why businesses turn to Northwest Marine Supply

• Housing developments – Housing developments trust Northwest Marine supply because of our safe, high-quality products.

• Homes – Used as a system with floating docks, gangways let you make the most of your space.


If you’re looking at gangways for sale, contact Northwest Marine Supply to discuss your specific needs.




The ONLY dock ladder that remains out of the water when not in use reducing electrolysis, corrosion, and marine growth. This aluminum ladder with a polyethylene float keeps the ladder out of the water when not in use but is readily available when needed.

Wood Dock Kits


Wood Dock Plan Kits and Hardware
Northwest Marine Supply offers detailed free wood dock plan kits instructions.

Don’t start building your dock until you have our free plans and appropriate hardware kit. The result will be a beautiful dock.

To build your own dock.

  • Download and print our free wood dock plan kits instructions.
  • Purchase the hardware as a kit. See the kit size options under the Options pulldown.
  • Follow the plans and build your own wood dock.

Some decking options (composites, & ThruFlow) require more support underneath or more stringers; while other decking options (standard wood, FiberForce Recycled Lumber, Steel Decking & BestDeck) do not require as much structural support and can span 24”.

Contact us with any questions.