Dock Bumpers, Corners & Fenders


The nautical term for a bridge that forms the accessible route from shore to dock. Northwest Marine Supply has a variety of gangways for docks to allow you to get to your floating dock. For use with your own existing dock, or one we can install for you. Our gangways are designed to get you out on the water faster


Do You Need a Gangway?

Gangways are necessary anywhere a dock is not easily accessible from shore. Gangways have been used in:

• Marinas – Gangways for marinas ensure boaters and customers can get out to their boats and docks. These solutions let marinas serve their customers more fully.

• Camps – At a camp, gangways are important to help children access docks and the water safely.

• Parks and recreation spaces – Parks and recreation gangways keep park visitors safe and make green spaces and waterways more accessible for users of different mobility  levels.

• Hotels and resorts – Keeping guests safe is a priority in these contexts, which is why businesses turn to Northwest Marine Supply

• Housing developments – Housing developments trust Northwest Marine supply because of our safe, high-quality products.

• Homes – Used as a system with floating docks, gangways let you make the most of your space.


If you’re looking at gangways for sale, contact Northwest Marine Supply to discuss your specific needs.


Solar Underglow Dock Lights


Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks – White (Matches Brock Dock Alpine White)

Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks are the latest in Solar Dock Light technology from Lake Lite Inc. Indirect downward lighting provides a unique, useful lighting effect on the dock surface. The Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks is designed to fit Brock Dock Brand Post covers or 3.5″ OD post covers or post. Six bright LEDs positioned around the unit shine light downward and outward. The LED’s illuminate the dock post as well as the dock surface providing indirect lighting. Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks have a large solar panel, which allows more power from the sun to ensure full charging resulting in all night light run times.

If you are wishing to create an extremely sharp appearance while adding safety and elegance, Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks are the perfect solution. Choose between two fixture colors to match your Brock Dock, either WHITE (matches Alpine White) or TAN (matches Desert Tan.) Also choose from three LED colors, white, blue or amber LEDs to add to the nighttime appeal to your pier. See our series of stunning photographs and picture your Brock Dock with these amazing lights! Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks are easy to install and come with user-replaceable batteries.

Fits Post Sizes:

Brock Dock Post Covers

3″ PVC Post (3-1/2″) OD

3″ Galvanized Post (3-1/2″) OD

3″ PVC Post (3-1/2″) OD

Light Grey - Fibergratedock-with-fibergrate

Fibergrate Decking

Fibergrate molded fiberglass decking for docks & gangways. ADA compliant 62% open area for light pass through.  Custom colors available

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Dock Bumpers – Commercial Grade Dock and Boat Protection System

  • Extra rugged design to withstand heavy impact.
  • Will not crack, rot, or deteriorate when exposed to temperature extremes.
  • Unafftected by oil, gas, or saltwater.
  • UV inhibitor prevents yellowing and discoloring from sunlight.
  • Fungus resistant.

Our EdgePro© Commercial Grade Dock and Boat Protection System is available in seven commercial profiles. The dock edging comes in 10 foot lengths, boxed and crated, in black or white. The dock edging is made from durable marine grade, flexible PVC. It will not crack, rot, or deteriorate when exposed to temperature extremes and is resistant to oil, gas, and saltwater.

The UV inhibitors prevent yellowing and deterioration from sunlight. Extra rugged dock bumper design withstands heavy impact.

These Dock Bumpers are designed to complement our EdgePro© Dock Corners and can be attached using our Stainless Steel Hardware, either our Stainless Ring Shank Nails or our Stainless Steel Screws.


Splice Plates-Set of 2 – Dock Hardware


(WH-SP) Our Splice Plates were designed to join two timbers together. One is used on each side. The bolt holes are drilled so that an angle and 1/ 1/2″ lumber can be added at the splice and end up at the end of the splice. Our Splice Plates are sold in pairs. All steel hardware is HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED after fabrication.

Steel Truss Frame Docks


Steel Truss Frames Specifications

  • Standard construction is 2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ angle and 1/2″ round bar.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized after welding.
  • Our frames are 10′ in length and 8″ high and come in 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, and 8′ widths.
  • Special custom sizes are also available.

Important note:
Our Steel Truss Frames can be connected together by using our Steel Truss Frames Hinge Kits which can be purchased here.  Truss frames offer many hardware configurations.