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ThruFlow Decking Panel- XP

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ThruFlow Decking Panels- XP

ThruFlow decking is an interlocking panel system that is ideal for docks.

3′ panels are 18″ on center | 4′ panels are 16″ on center | 5′ panels are 15″ on center

The "newer" style.


ThruFlow Decking

Thru-Flow decking is an interlocking panel system that is ideal for docks and gangways, because of it’s impressive anti-slip surface and water resistance.  The panels offer sunlight and water penetration to help keep vegetation alive, minimizing the effects of fish habitat.  The design also reduces storm damage from surges effects and wind.

Decks benefit from using this type of decking because of the extreme UV resistant panels.  They are easy to clean with a pressure washer. You are, therefore keeping your floor looking new for years compared to other building materials.

Thru-Flow panels keep your walking surface clean because it allows debris to pass through.  The durability and non-slip surface will enable it to take the punishment of any high traffic walking areas.

Thru-Flow recommends a high-quality #10 Panhead stainless steel screw with a 2.5″ length. Screws should be clear through the panel and fastened into the material of your structural frame. It is important also to remember not to tighten the screw down entirely and to allow for expansion and contraction. Hole alignment is also essential, and the 4′ panel has 16″ centers and requires eight fasteners.

We offer a #10 x 2.5″ Panhead Stainless Steel Screw (seen in the picture to the right). These are self-tapping screws. Click here to visit this product.                               


Easy to Assemble
No Fabrication
No Maintenance
UV Protection
Predrilled Applications
400 lb. Per sq. Ft. Live Load
360 Degree Knurled Non-slip Surface
Strong, Durable and Lightweight
Made of Fibre-Glass Reinforced Polypropylene
Allows Light to Penetrate Walking Surface. Specifications
Available in 3′, 4′, & 5′ Panels
Interlocking Tabs for Easy Installation
12 Year Residential Warranty


Weight 5 - 7 lbs.
Dimensions N/A
ThruFlow Panels

1' x 3' ThruFlow Panel – Beige, 1' x 3' ThruFlow Panel – Grey, 1' x 4' ThruFlow Panel – Beige, 1' x 4' ThruFlow Panel – Grey, 1'x 5 ThruFlow Panel – Beige, 1'x 5 ThruFlow Panel – Grey


1X3   Beige  SM-TF-XP-1X3-BE     Grey  SM-TF-XP-1X3-LG

1x4   Beige  SM-TF-XP-1X4-BE      Grey  SM-TF-XP-1X4-LG

1x5   Beige   SM-TF-XP-1X5-Be      Grey  SM-TF-XP-1X5-LG