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Sunwalk 90 Series

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A more comfortable and more effective ADA compliant non-slip surface. Designed specifically for the Sunwalk 90 Series decking and laser etched into the tooling to provide the maximum in slip-resistance and comfort. Wet or dry, rain or shine, it won't let you slip.

90 Series Feature Benefits

  • Maintenance Free - No painting, staining, insects, splinters or rot, just enjoy your dock.
  • Looks Great - Clean lines and uniform design, your dock will continue to look like new.
  • Safe - Non-Stop Grip! Uni-Directional, ADA compliant, Dry & feet-friendly non-slip surface.
  • Easy Installation - Uses half the fasteners of wood and takes half the time. Much lighter!
  • Cool - Hot sun won't raise the temp of your decking, stay barefoot and comfy.
  • Strength - Solid underfoot and able to carry commercial loads 90 Series is the best.
  • Durability - UV protected, more impact resistant and tough as nails.
  • Environmental Chops - More open for better sunlight transmission, enjoy nature without damaging it.
  • Storm Resistant - More open also means less hydraulic uplift from storm waves, surge and high-water.


Weight 5-8 lbs.
Sunwalk 90 Panels

1' x 3' Panel – Beige, 1' x 3' Panel – Grey, 1' x 4' Panel – Beige, 1' x 4' Panel – Grey, 1'x 5  Panel – Beige, 1'x 5 Panel – Grey


1x3   Beige  SM-D-3612-B-22  Grey  SM-D-3612-G-22  

1X4   Beige  SM-D-4812-B-22  Grey  SM-D-4812-G-22  

1x5   Beige  SM-D-3012-B-22  Grey  SM-D-3012-G-22