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Offset Dock Box Brackets (Standard Dock & EZ Dock Option)

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Offset dock box brackets with stainless steel mounting kit (1 SET OF 2 BRACKETS). Choose from standard dock brackets or those for mounting an offset dock box to your EZ Dock. 


Offset Dock Box Brackets

Don't waste precious dock space--mount your dock box over the water with our Offset Dock Box Brackets.  Available for standard and EZ Dock installations.  Mounting a dock box with an offset dock box bracket allows you to attach any dock box to the side of your dock freeing up your deck space.

Don’t leave the dock box onshore where it’s not convenient and haul gear to the boat. Every set of brackets allows you to attach a dock box to the side of a dock and making efficient use of the dock space. Mount a dock box near the boat tie-up spot and not give up the precious room on the dock. Every set of brackets comes with stainless steel mounting hardware and help alleviate giving up dock space.

We’ve had applications where almost 500 lbs of weight were placed on the brackets without issue. If you’re concerned or expecting to load your dock box up with heavier equipment, ordering extra sets and adding a third bracket to your boxes should ensure proper support and weight distribution.

Free up space on your dock today without giving up valuable storage. Aluminum offset dock box brackets are the solution to your needs.


Weight 7lbs
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 3 in