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Mooring Whips – Standard

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These mooring whip systems are best for a moderate wake and minimal tide areas for boats up to 33 ft in length and 20,000 lbs. 


Standard Taylor Made Mooring Whips with Standard Fixed Angle Base.

Sold as pairs and includes all mooring whip lines, roller tips, and hardware to complete the installation. Note: When determining whip model weight is more important than length.

Standard Taylor Made mooring whips now provides a more economical way to protect your boat in the moderate wake and minimal tidal areas. Our fixed-base offers secure mounting to your dock. Taylor Made Mooring Whips provide the “Safety Zone” between dock and boat for many types of docking applications. Unlike the competition, Taylor made uses a large diameter solid Fiberglass pole that withstands rugged environments and provides that Spring Action keeping your boat safely away from the dock.  Whips can be easily removed for storage.

Standard Mooring Whips are equipped with fixed angle bases with a 60o angle and are most commonly used for ski boats, runabouts, center consoles, and bass boats.

Designed for freshwater use
Designed for low wake areas
Minimal tidal areas
Each Whip mounts with an aluminum-magnesium fixed-angle base.

The parts listed below have been included with your mooring whip system.

1. Two fixed angle Aluminum-Magnesium bases.
2. Two solid two-part .813” dia. Tapered fiberglass mooring whip poles with roller tips.
(The MW.080 model consists of two one-piece poles)
3. Six stainless steel 3/8” bolts, nuts, and washers.
4. Two 5/16” solid braid nylon mooring whip lines to be used with poles.
5. Two black whip cleats (with neoprene strips) for whip line adjustment.
6. Two 3/8” nylon dock lines.
7. One epoxy adhesive packet (not needed for the MW.080 model).
8. One 5/32” Hex Key.


Weight 16 - 26 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 6 × 6 in