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Mooring Whips – Premium

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This mooring whip system is best for large tide areas for boats between 33 ft -56 ft in length and 20,000 lbs to 48,000 lbs.


Mooring Whips – Premium with unique rocker arm base.

Do you have a boat parade moving past your dock towing tubes, wakeboards, etc. inadvertently trailing large wakes?  Your boat is crashing against your dock, getting tossed around like a cork that causes dock rash that is expensive and tough to fix.  Here is a solution.

Mooring Whips – Premium sold as pairs and includes all mooring whip lines, roller tips, and hardware to complete the installation. Note: When determining the whip model weight is more important than length.

Taylor Made mooring whips now provides a more economical way to protect your boat in the massive wake and tidal areas. Our rocker arm-base offers secure mounting to your dock. Whips provide the “Safety Zone” between dock and boat for many types of docking applications. Unlike the competition, Taylor uses a large diameter solid Fiberglass pole that withstands rugged environments and provides that Spring Action keep your boat safely away from the dock.

Designed for freshwater and saltwater use.  Ideal for large boats
Designed for large tidal areas
Each Whip mounts with a unique rocker arm base

The parts listed below will be included with your mooring whip system.

1. Two self-regulating, variable angle (“Rocker Arm”) Aluminum-Magnesium bases.
2. Two solid two-part 1.0” dia. tapered fiberglass mooring whip poles with roller tips.
3. Eight stainless steel 3/8” bolts, nuts, and washers.
4. Two 5/16” nylon mooring whip lines to be used with poles.
5. Two black whip cleats (with neoprene strips) for whip line adjustment.
6. One epoxy adhesive packet.

Proper Installation

Mooring whips require excellent support to spread the load of the bases out over a more significant space on the dock.  You may need to reinforce the dock underneath the mounting bases, Especially if your dock is a dated wooden dock.  Whip base will soon pull out or break under stress from wind and waves  A thick plywood board or aluminum plate placed under the decking and through-bolted works great.  This works great to prevent the whips from pulling the mounting bolts through the decking in high wave and wind conditions.


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