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Load Bearing Structural Lumber

What is FiberForce®?

  • A high-performance timber product uniquely suited for outdoor structural applications
    • Superior strength
    • Exceptional durability
  • Ideal for applications with environmentally harsh conditions
  • A composite of recycled plastic and fiberglass fibers
  • Fiberglass formula provides strength and increased modulus of elasticity (stiffness)

Many Applications

  • Posts, beams, and joists
  • Boardwalks and retaining walls
  • Dock and deck plank
  • Trails/walking bridges
  • Pilings
  • Sheet piling
  • Channel markers
  • Bridge fenders (bumpers)
  • Wales (horizontal fenders over concrete pilings)
  • Camels (floating fenders)

Easy to Use

  • Use standard woodworking tools
  • Can be drilled, routed, and cut like conventional lumber
  • Because there are no knots, FiberForce® cuts cleanly every time
  • Available in many-dimensional lumber and timber sizes
  • Available in ten colors

Benefits of FiberForce®

  • Environmentally responsible
    • Made from a high percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic-excellent opportunity for municipalities to demonstrate how curbside recycling is working
    • FiberForce® is fully recyclable
    • Halts further destruction of trees and rainforests
  • Exceptionally durable
    • Resists attack by termites, insects, and marine borers
    • Outlasts all treated woods
    • Resistant to saltwater
    • Never rots or splinters
    • Completely impervious to petroleum
    • High impact resistance
    • 50-year warranty
  • Low maintenance
    • Never needs painting, treating, or sealing
    • Moisture resistant - will not stain
    • Resists animal odors and wastes
    • Never splinters - great for public areas

Why use FiberForce®?

  • Excellent value: The lifetime cost of a FiberForce® structure as compared to conventional building materials is substantially lower because it will last many years longer
  • Exceptionally strong and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally responsible

Available colors: black, blue, brown, cedar, gray, forest green, yellow, Norwegian weathered wood, mink, and white.

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