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Aluminum Gangways – Commercial – 60 & 100 PSF

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Our commercial aluminum structures are designed and engineered to current U.B.C. criteria for their use. Marine ramps mount using our exclusive swing-shackle connection which is simple, strong, and allows the ramp to pivot up and down and side to side with the motion of the ocean ( 3 axis of movement ).

Our aluminum marine ramps roll on solid UHMW grooved rollers on UHMW guide tracks and use solid stainless-steel axles so there is no maintenance. Full width, hinged transition plates have been Arc-sprayed with Non-Skid coating and have a tapered UHMW drag edge. These ramps have full length side bars spaced to stop a 4″ sphere and full-length handrails on both sides. Decking options include all aluminum decking, fiberglass grating, and others. For rainy or snowy locations, we offer either an awning cover (in a variety of colors) or a metal roof.

Commercial aluminum ramp widths are usually 4′ to 6′ and lengths vary from 60′ to 120′. Other design options include; anodized handrails, painted finishes, Lexan windscreens, golf cart or 4-wheeler traffic, and oversize utility capacity. 

Commercial Gangway Design Criteria

Live Load ………..........100 P.S.F
Wind load ………......... 80 M.P.H. UBC 1997, Exp. “C”
Handrail …………......... 50 P.L.F. Lateral
Utility Allowance….… 30 P.L.F.
No openings on the side allow passage of 4″ sphere.
Full length A.D.A Handrails

Delivery and or full-service installation is available. The overall cost for this service depends on the location and scope of the entire project. Please give our office a call to discuss your project today!

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