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ThruFlow Surge 60 Series

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ThruFlow is designed and engineered to be the finished decking surface for docks, decks, walkways, and virtually any indoor or outdoor structure.  

3′ panels are 18″ on center | 4′ panels are 16″ on center | 5′ panels are 15″ on center


ThruFlow Surge Series Decking

TheThruFlow Surge 60, built with extra open space integrated into each panel. Surge 60 allows 60% of light to pass through each panel.  Improvements upon the durability and eco-friendliness of the flagship design have been taken even further. Thus the Surge panel was born.

The Surge 60 

Despite the more substantial open construction, the Surge panels are more durable than our original design. Our Surge panels utilize medium glass fiber reinforcement in a Polymer base compound. As a result, our Surge panels can withstand 60% greater load capacity and 40% greater impact than our original product line.

TheThruFlow Surge 60 panel’s extreme durability and open design make it an excellent solution for docks and marinas — private or commercial. Our Surge panels help safeguard your dock or gangway against uplift and provide a maintenance-free, non-slip surface no matter the weather. With ThruFlow’s Surge 60 panels, your dock is guaranteed to be safe and sturdy for a lifetime.

Original Thru-Flow Decking Panels

Original Thru-Flow decking is an interlocking panel system that is ideal for docks and gangways, because of it’s an impressive anti-slip surface and water resistance.  The panels offer sunlight and water penetration to help keep vegetation alive, minimizing the effects of fish habitat.  The design also reduces storm damage.


While ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels will not shrink or swell due to changes in moisture, changes in temperature will cause slight expansion/contraction. Therefore, gapping is required both side-to-side and at the panel ends to allow for thermal expansion/contraction. Rules of Thumb: ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels should be allowed to grow a minimum of 1/16″ in total length (1/32″ each end) and 1/32″ in total width (1/64″ per side) for every 30°F of difference between installation temperature and the hottest temperature expected. In cold climate regions, gapping due to the contraction of plastic will occur during colder temperatures in the exact reverse proportions of those described above.



Weight 6 lbs.
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ThruFlow Surge

1' x 4' Surge 60 –Beige, 1' x 4' Surge 60 – Grey