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Sunwalk 45 Series

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We know how you use your dock – boating, swimming, fishing, sunning and relaxing. Sunwalk designed their surfaces to keep you doing more of those things and less maintenance and repair to your dock! Your leisure time is priceless, work less and enjoy more with SunWalk!

45 Series Feature Benefits

  • Maintenance Free - No painting, staining, insects, splinters or rot, just enjoy your dock.
  • Looks Great - Clean lines and uniform design, your dock will continue to look like new.
  • Safe - Dry & foot-friendly integrated non-slip surface.
  • Easy Installation - Larger panel sizes mean less decking time and effort, uses less than half the fasteners of regular deck boards.
  • Cool - Hot sun won't raise the temp of your decking, stay barefoot and comfy.
  • Strength - Solid underfoot and proven strength in more than a decade of applications.
  • Durability - UV protected and two levels of impact resistance.
  • Environmental Chops - Grated surface for sunlight transmission, enjoy nature without damaging it.
  • Storm Resistant - More open also means less hydraulic uplift from storm waves, surge and high-water.
  • Quality - Consistent size, unmatched flatness & reliable performance.


Weight 19-33 lbs.
Sunwalk 45 Panels

3’ x 4’ Panel – Beige, 3’ x 4’ Panel – Grey, 4' x 4' Panel – Beige, 4' x 4' Panel – Grey, 4'x 5  Panel – Beige, 4'x 5 Panel – Grey


3 x 4  Beige  SM-D-45-3648-B-22   Grey  SM-D-45-3648-G-22  

4 X 4   Beige  SM-D-45-4848-B-22   Grey  SM-D-45-4848-G-22  

4 x 5   Beige  SM-D-45-6048-B-22    Grey  SM-D-45-6048-G-22