OMC-HD Aluminum Vertical Stand-Off Fender

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OMC – HD Aluminum Vertical Stand-Off Fender


OMC-HD Aluminum Vertical Stand-Off Fender

Our heavy-duty vertical aluminum brackets with urethane foam fenders are a great way to stand off and protect your vessels and in rough-water mooring locations.  These are often used with floating boat models to keep the left pontoon from fouling on the dock frame.  The standard vertical I-beam length is 36” top to bottom. For pier dock or floating docks with freeboard measuring over 20” we suggest using a longer vertical beam.  Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs. 

36” Aluminum Frame only = $199.95

36” Aluminum Frame Complete = $399.95


  • (1) - 4”x 4” x 36” Composite backer Board
  • (1) - HD 7" W x 3.75" D x 36" w/ 3.5” Groove Urethane Foam Fender
  • Assembled with ½” Stainless Steel Hardware
  • (Installation Hardware Sold Separately)