Wood Dock Plan Kits and Hardware
Northwest Marine Supply offers detailed free wood dock plan kits instructions.

Don’t start building your dock until you have our free plans and appropriate hardware kit. The result will be a beautiful dock.

To build your own dock.

  • Download and print our free wood dock plan kits instructions.
  • Purchase the hardware as a kit. See the kit size options under the Options pulldown.
  • Follow the plans and build your own wood dock.

Some decking options (composites, & ThruFlow) require more support underneath or more stringers; while other decking options (standard wood, FiberForce Recycled Lumber, Steel Decking & BestDeck) do not require as much structural support and can span 24”.

Contact us with any questions.

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Wood Dock Kits

Wood Dock Kits – Are you thinking of building your own dock but just need a place to start? Our FREE Wood Dock Plan Kits may be just what you are looking for. Our easy to understand plans show you how to build a wood floating dock, the right way the first time. This is a valuable time-saver for the do-it-yourselfer.

These kits are designed for those with basic carpentry skills.  Kits are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.  The result is a good-looking, long-lasting dock.  Dock Kits use standard dimensional lumber for subframes and decking.

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For more information on Oregon, Dock Guidelines click here.


Additional information

Dock Size / Hardware Kit

4' x 20' x 24" on center, 4' x 20' x 16" on center, 5' x 20' x 24" on center, 5' x 20' x 15" on center, 6' x 20' x 24" on center, 6' x 20' x 18" on center, 8' x 20' x 24" on center, 8' x 20' x 16" on center, 10' x 20' x 24" on center, 10' x 20' x 15" on center


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