Cedar Decking

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Cedar Decking

2 x 6 cedar decking is dimensionally stable which means has a minimal tendency to warp, twist, cup, swell or shrink.  Cedar fights off algae, fungi, bugs, and weather with its natural oils.  Cedar has a beautiful appearance with its durability and weather resistance.  Ideal for outdoor projects where the wood is exposed to the environment. Its excellent absorption of paints and stains.  A tight grain pattern with few knots and tannish brown color.

  • Always easy to fix and repair
  • Excellent workability: lightweight; easy to nail, saw, trim or cut
  • Dimensional stability; minimal tendency to warp, shrink, swell, cup or twist
  • Naturally weather, decay and insect resistant
  • Accepts stain or paint readily
  • Versatile and visually attractive

Stays cool on your feet in the hot summer sun

Other great options are Fibergrate or Thruflow decking.

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