Boat Lift Services for HydroHoist & SunStream boat lifts

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Boat Lift Service

It’s simple; boat lifts installed around the Pacific Northwest are submitted to the harsh environments whether it is salt or fresh water. Yearly maintenance is vital for extending the life of the boat. Boat lift maintenance is performed in the spring and fall and is designed to eliminate lost time on the water. Many components, especially old galvanized lifts, can fail even if they appear okay to the naked eye.

Experienced professionals go over your boat lift completely and afterward; you receive a detailed report with precisely what can be done and any notes on components which may need attention. Keeping your lifts in tip-top shape will cut down on expensive service work down the road.  Costly repairs can often be prevented with our regular maintenance service. You don’t want a lift that doesn’t work when you know the fish are biting.

To take advantage of this invaluable boat lift repair service, simply contact the office at 503.982.5521 or contact us online.


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