Aluminum Gangway Light Duty

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Aluminum Gangway residential

Imagine strolling down to your dock walking on your beautiful, secure residential aluminum gangway without worry about slipping, and not having to watch your every step along the way! You and your family will be spending even more time on the dock because access is secure, smooth, and safe! While also enhancing and increasing the value of your waterfront property.

Certified welders

Certified welders fabricate them at our climate-controlled welding shop and storage facility yard. Our heavy-duty aluminum gangways and ramps are made of structural 6061 and 6063 marine-grade aluminum that is corrosion resistant and requires minimal maintenance and is lightweight and durable. Constructed to sustain standard live loads of up to 50 psf (contact us for higher loading requirement). A smooth, secure handrail placed at a convenient height. We also place mid-rails because it protects children from falling through. Each is TIG welded and miter cut, and for that reason, it offers superior weld control and appearance. Can be built in many widths and lengths. The flooring is constructed with cross members and angle truss for excellent stability. Many decking options are available.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Gangways or ramps can be specially constructed to customize to your individual needs. Including options for wheelchair and ADA needs such as adding an inside handrail and toe rail.

Heavy-duty aluminum ramps can also be used as catwalks for industrial and maintenance needs. You might also see them being used as loading ramps to get passengers on and off of ships.

We also make a line of sturdy galvanized steel hinges and roller systems for adapting the gangways to suit many applications. We can build Light Duty(LD), Medium Duty(MD) and Heavy Duty(HD) gangways to meet all your needs.

Delivery and complete installation are available. The price depends on the location and scope of the project. Please call for a quote. Please call ahead of time to schedule your hassle-free viewing!