OMC – Aluminum frame docks are custom designed and built based on your individual site and recreational needs and requirements.

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Aluminum Frame Docks


Aluminum Frame Docks by OMC are great options where fish-related issues dictate, OMC always employs a 50% or less flotation footprint and a 60%+ light pass-through grating. In lakeside installations, custom decking such as cedar and composite lumber can be used, and freeboard (distance from the water to deck) can be variable, depending upon the environment.

Heavy Duty

100% 6061 aluminum and stainless steel fasteners will be used when building.  All dock to dock connections are secure, providing maximum stability from one section to another. Standard dock size is 8′ x 20′, but custom sizes are available.

Process Control

Our team of welder fabricators is AWS D 1.2 certified. Storing all aluminum products indoors. An atmosphere-controlled environment is where all the work gets completed.

OMC aluminum frame docks are complete custom floating marine-grade aluminum docks. Our team can build ADA, pond, river, or ocean docks. We use encapsulated floats. We have them engineered to withstand the harshest environments. Superior strength and durability built into all our aluminum dock frames. Deck surfaces maintain an ambient temperature with provisions for water runoff so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe walking surface. Our in-house fleet provides the know-how for your marine project from the initial ordering to the installation and inspection.

When you purchase a dock, you are making an investment. Docks are made from 100% marine-grade aluminum for effortless handling and little to no maintenance unlike comparable dock systems made of wood, plastic or steel.

Are you in need of one of our aluminum ramp or custom-built docks we are located outside the Portland, Oregon area.  We will create your dock and ramp system and ship it anywhere in the United States. North West Marine Supply is ready to help you design and make the dock of your dreams!

This dock is the last dock you’ll ever buy!

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