Dock Lighting

Dock Lighting that mounts onto any dock to light up your dock in the nighttime. High-quality lighting adds illumination of your marine dock. Our high-quality products can also be used to illuminate pathways, walkways, and driveways. We have lots of solutions for you. Don’t want to get into running wires and an electrical connection to your dock? No worries. We have a nice selection of Solar Dock Lights. These require no electrical connections and merely screw onto your dock. They charge throughout the day using the sun and turn on automatically once it gets dark. This is the more natural and quickest way to add some visibility to your dock.

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Solar Dock Post Lights (Square) – 2 Pack


Solar Dock Post Lights (Square)

Tired of searching for your dock at night? Brighten and make it stand out with Solar Dock Post Lights!

Round Base Fits:

1-5/8″ OD

1-7/8″ OD

2″ OD

2-3/8″ OD

3-1/4″ OD

Brock Dock Post Covers

Square Base Fits:

2×2″ Square

2×2″ 5-Sided Square

Brock Dock Post Covers

Rectangle Base Fits:

1-1/2″ x 2″ Rectangle

Brock Dock Post Covers


Solar Underglow Dock Lights


Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks – White (Matches Brock Dock Alpine White)

Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks are the latest in Solar Dock Light technology from Lake Lite Inc. Indirect downward lighting provides a unique, useful lighting effect on the dock surface. The Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks is designed to fit Brock Dock Brand Post covers or 3.5″ OD post covers or post. Six bright LEDs positioned around the unit shine light downward and outward. The LED’s illuminate the dock post as well as the dock surface providing indirect lighting. Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks have a large solar panel, which allows more power from the sun to ensure full charging resulting in all night light run times.

If you are wishing to create an extremely sharp appearance while adding safety and elegance, Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks are the perfect solution. Choose between two fixture colors to match your Brock Dock, either WHITE (matches Alpine White) or TAN (matches Desert Tan.) Also choose from three LED colors, white, blue or amber LEDs to add to the nighttime appeal to your pier. See our series of stunning photographs and picture your Brock Dock with these amazing lights! Solar Underglow Lights for Brock Docks are easy to install and come with user-replaceable batteries.

Fits Post Sizes:

Brock Dock Post Covers

3″ PVC Post (3-1/2″) OD

3″ Galvanized Post (3-1/2″) OD

3″ PVC Post (3-1/2″) OD